Markdown Blogging with Hugo and Git

I know myself enough to know that if I were going to maintain a regular blog I need the process to be as simple as possible. I knew every bit of friction in posting would turn into an excuse not to and as an engineer, naturally, I’m trying to fix a personal motivation issue with software.

The solution I settled on was a markdown based blog that was deployable via git. Markdown and git are both tools I use daily, so neither would require creating new muscle memory. To enable this I reached for Hugo, a static site generator that works just as I’d hoped out of the box.

Installing Hugo from source (w/ asdf)

git clone git:// && \
cd hugo && \
asdf install go latest && \
asdf local go latest && \
asdf reshim && \
go install --tags extended &&

Install theme

Hugo has a wide array of available themes. I went with hugo-coder.

git submodule add themes/hugo-coder

Add new content

hugo new [section]/[file].md

Start local server

hugo server
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